Watch Ebola spread across West Africa and beyond

Dominant Players, tennis edition

Each line on the charts below represents the ranking of a player who was, at some point, number one in the world.

Searching for a Gender Gap in Higher Ed

In my series of posts on responsive maps, legends and charts using D3, I used a dataset from the U.S. Census on educational attainment (by way of the new Census Reporter). That got me curious what states have a gap between men and women in who had a bachelor's degree.

Responsive Charts with D3

Charts need to work everywhere, too. The trick is keeping track of lots of moving parts.

Responsive Legends with D3

Legends are tricky. For a choropleth, where I’m showing a progression of values, I want a legend that shows that continuity, and I want to make the colors easy to see and compare. And I want to make it responsive, like the map.

Compound Interest

A little chart to remind me that compound interest is important.

State of the Drought

A few years ago, I helped map the worst single-year drought in Texas history, and later the broader US drought. So I thought I’d revisit it in D3.